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Alcoholism: India, Indentureship and the Indian Diaspora

Alcoholism: India, Indentureship and the Indian Diaspora

Alcoholism: India, Indentureship and the Indian Diaspora

Alcoholism was a prevalent problem during Indian indentureship, which refers to the period between 1834 and 1917 when Indian laborers were brought to various British, French, Dutch and Danish colonies, including Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, Mauritius, Fiji and South Africa to work on mainly sugarcane plantations. The harsh living and working conditions, coupled with the trauma of forced migration, led many Indians to seek solace in alcohol. The colonial authorities exacerbated the problem by providing cheap liquor and failing to regulate the sale of alcohol.

Today, alcoholism continues to be a problem within the Indian Diaspora, which includes people of Indian origin living outside India. The stress of acculturation, discrimination, and social isolation can lead to excessive drinking, which can have negative consequences on both physical and mental health. However, there is also a growing movement within the Indian Diaspora to raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol, and to promote healthier lifestyles.

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Alcoholism: India, Indentureship and the Indian Diaspora


PROF. VERENA TANDRAYEN-RAGOOBUR (MAURITIUS) - Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Mauritius. Her specialisation is in economics, labour, poverty and gender issues.

DR. VAROSHINI NADESAN (SOUTH AFRICA) - A qualified social worker, senior lecturer and postgraduate supervisor at the University of Johannesburg. Active in awareness of alcoholism and substance dependency.

DR. LOCHAN NAIDOO (SOUTH AFRICA) - A prominent addiction specialist who

founded the Jullo Centre for Advanced Addiction Recoveryin 1995, one of the country's leading addiction treatment facilities.

PROF. ROHAN MAHARAJ (TRINIDAD) - Alcohol Policy Advisor of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, and Co-founder of the Caribbean Alcohol Reduction Day held annually in Nov/Dec for the past 7 years.

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