• 13 Apr, 2024

American organisation hosts webinar on Caribbean Hindus

American organisation hosts webinar on Caribbean Hindus

American organisation hosts webinar on Caribbean Hindus

Did you know about the relentless resistance of Hindus and their descendants from India to convert after they were first shipped (quite literally) to far-off lands in the West Indies/Caribbean from as early as 1838?    


Join CoHNA in a conversation with Caribbean Hindus to learn more about their unique history of being the oldest Hindu diaspora in the Western Hemisphere. Hear about their struggles, survival and achievements in an antagonistic environment in which they suffer ridicule for generations.   


CoHNA (pronounced: “Kohnaa”), is a grassroots advocacy group representing the Hindu community of North America. The coalition seeks to protect the collective interests of the Hindu community by working on the issues faced by them and educating the public about Hindu heritage and tradition. It is building a movement to empower Hindus whereby they can become meaningful contributors and active participants in their local communities on a wide range of issues.   




The moderator will be Dr. Kumar Mahabir from Trinidad and Tobago, a full-time cultural anthropologist at a university in the Caribbean, and a Fellow of The Eccles Centre for American Studies - British Library. He is also the founder and chief director of the weekly Sunday ZOOM program hosted by the Indo-Caribbean Cultural Centre (ICC).   


The speakers will be    

● Pundit Nitin Jagbandhan of Suriname who has been a Hindu priest for almost 25 years and the Chairman of the largest Hindu organization in Suriname, the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Suriname.    

● Sabrina Hemwatie Totaram of Guyana who is an Administrative Assistant at a Ministry. She is also the President of the Blairmont Hindu Youth Organisation (B.H.Y.O) and Assistant Secretary of the Blairmont Humanitarian Organisation (B.H.O), and    

● Pundit Roopnarine Seenath of Trinidad who is a secondary school Mathematics teacher and a trained pundit with the Amar Jyoth Sabha. He is also an RSS trained worker (Swayamsevak Bangalore, 2001). He runs a free counselling hotline in Trinidad and Tobago called “The Hindu Prayer Hotline” and he considers himself a Hindu worker on the ground.   


The event will be held on Saturday July 16, 2022 at 1 pm Pacific/ 4 pm Eastern time? Please register by using this link the link  https://cohna.org/event/cohna-dialogue-with-hindu-caribbean-diaspora/