• 07 Feb, 2023

Appointment of Dr. Vishnu Bisram will demonstrate PPP Government’s serious intent to engage Diasporans

Appointment of Dr. Vishnu Bisram will demonstrate PPP Government’s serious intent to engage Diasporans

Appointment of Dr. Vishnu Bisram will demonstrate PPP Government’s serious intent to engage Diasporans

Dear Editor:



I have noticed several letters in support of Dr. Vishnu Bisram to be appointed as Guyana’s High Commissioner to India . All the letters have made great arguments in support of one of Guyana’s most prominent Guyanese in the Diaspora. Government’s consideration of all the recommendations of Dr. Bisram will demonstrate its sincerity and send strong signals about engaging and involving the Diaspora in national development.



Both the PPP and PNC have done much talking about how much they value Diasporans and that they have a role in moving Guyana forward. But beyond the rhetoric, Diasporans have been left out from any major appointments in or out of Guyana. The appointment of Dr. Bisram will be a strong signal to Diasporans that the Government is serious about involving them in development, beyond lunch and dinner photo-op fundraising events in New York and Toronto. If Dr. Bisram is appointed, this will be a win-win for the Government, Diasporans and our country.



At a time when democracy was under threat by the PNC attempts to rig the 2020 election,  I remember Dr. Bisram was among the top three letter writers in the newspapers battling against the riggers. When Guyana needed him most, Dr. Bisram was there to preserve our democracy. The PPP Government must remember that, and not be ungrateful to the “Guardians of Democracy.” When President Ali decides to make the “Guardians of Democracy” awards as he promised in a nationally televised speech to the nation, Dr. Bisram’s name will be on that list. Diasporans are paying keen attention to whether the Government will give Dr. Bisram the nod for the India appointment. When I was in India, I was surprised that the hotel owner where I stayed in New Delhi knew Dr. Bisram as well as President Jagdeo.  Bisram’s connections in India are enormous and that will be a great asset as he seeks to bring benefits to Guyana as a High Commissioner. In my view, it’s a no-brainer that Dr. Bisram is most suited for this position. Dr. Bisram is not an unknown, and he is well qualified. There was a recent Ambassadorial appointment but I had never heard about that person before. Anyone who has been reading the newspapers would know the name “Vishnu Bisram.” He is not a Johnny-come-lately. He has consistently fought for Guyana for decades. We in the Diaspora would be very  disappointed if the Government does not concur with this body of opinion that Dr. Bisram will serve us well in India.



As we deepen trade ties with India and as several India-supported projects are in the pipeline, the Government would do Guyana well to consider Dr. Vishnu Bisram as a most viable Candidate for the replacement of Mr. Charrandass Persaud at our Embassy in India. I trust the President and Vice President will do the right thing. Diasporans are remaining optimistic and look forward to a favourable decision for Dr. Bisram soon.





Dr. Jerry Jailall