• 14 Aug, 2022

Demography, race and race-mixing in Guyana: Socio-political implications for the Indian Diaspora

Demography, race and race-mixing in Guyana: Socio-political implications for the Indian Diaspora

Demography, race and race-mixing in Guyana: Socio-political implications for the Indian Diaspora. INVITATION TO OUR 112th ICC ZOOM PUBLIC MEETING

Demography is the statistical study of human populations, especially with reference to size, changes, density, distribution, age, sex, income, health, education, etc.    The main difference between demography and population studies is that demography is the study of the whole population, whereas population studies focus only on a specific group in the general population.

Guyana has a racially and ethnically heterogeneous population of 794,000 persons, many of whose ancestors originated from India, Africa, China and Europe. There are also a number of indigenous peoples. Indo-Guyanese (East Indians) are the largest ethnic group, and constitute the largest Indian population of any of the Caribbean countries. They presently comprise 39.8 percent (297,493) of the population, down from 43.4 percent at the 2002 Census. They are followed by persons of African descent (29.2 percent, down from 30.2 percent in 2002). 

The third in rank are those of Mixed descent (19.9 percent, up from 16.7 percent in the 2002 Census).    This group has continued to grow significantly over the past three decades, as has the Amerindian group (Arawaks, Wai-wai, Caribs, Akawaio and Arecuna), at present comprising 10.5 percent of the population. The smallest groups are the Whites (0.06 percent or 415 persons), the Chinese (0.18 percent or 1377 persons), and the Portuguese (0.26 percent or 1910 persons), in ascending order. When asked, a small group (0.03 percent or 253 persons) did not identify with any of the listed race/ethnic groups. 

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Demography, race and race-mixing in Guyana: 

Socio-political implications for the Indian Diaspora


DR. RAMESH GAMPAT - Economist who worked with the UN for more than 25 years. Author of several books, including Essays. Guyana: Economics, Politics and Demography

DR. DUANE EDWARDS - Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Guyana. Researcher of Suicide in Guyana, and The Relevance of the Caribbean Plantation School

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