GUIDELINES to submit letters, articles, photos and short videos to

LETTERS should not exceed 500 words.

Format: Word Document in Times New Roman 11-point font to be sent as an attachment.

Single-spaced without footers and headers.

Do not indent paragraphs; just leave a space between paragraphs.

Please include a suggested heading and sub-headings.

ARTICLES should be between 500-800 words.

Format: Same as for letters.

PHOTOS AND IMAGES must be 1 MB or 1,000 KB’s in size & at least 300 dpi

not embedded in the article.

Send as an attachment.

Please include caption/s and photo credit.

SHORT VIDEOS not exceeding 5 minutes.

Please include a descriptive and/or analytical caption.

Publication would be based on editorial discretion.

All submissions to be sent to