• 11 Dec, 2023

Guyana Opposition says Indians “are a bunch of mentally lazy people”

Guyana Opposition says Indians “are a bunch of mentally lazy people”

Guyana Opposition says Indians “are a bunch of mentally lazy people”

I don’t know which organisation or person in this world has told the Guyanese Opposition APNU politician, Amanza Walton-Desir (AWD), that she has even a modicum of ability to discuss Guyana’s sociology. There is an old saying, “stick to what you know, you can’t go wrong.”

I have to thank the former head of the UK branch of the WPA in the 1970s and 1980s, Leyland De Cambra, for sending me these Facebook postings of David Hinds. The more Guyanese listen to people like AWD and Khemraj Ramjattan, the quicker these backward politicians will fade into oblivion.

Here is a chance, a golden opportunity, for Eusi Kwayana to redeem himself by rejecting the most fetid manifestation of racial superiority ever preached by a politician in this country. Here is an opportunity for AFC members to dump Ramjattan once and for all and banish him politically from the face of the earth.

Please email me at fredkissoon@yahoo.com for the tape of the most sickening put down of East Indians in this country by a politician whose rhetoric can be viewed as evil. Ramjattan joined AWD on the programme and his abysmal ignorance of Guyana’s sociology led him to describe AWD’s shallowness as brilliant.

Before what AWD said, let me produce for the first time in my columns what I only told former AFC mandarin, Leonard Craig, months ago. In 2017 in an argument over the AFC’s betrayal of the Guyanese people, Ramjattan asked me if I think I was his equal in the days of opposition to the PPP.

Ramjattan saw her as brilliant

I didn’t answer that because people don’t say what I wanted to tell Ramjattan. I’d like to know if in 2021, he still thinks he is a superior person to me. Humans are entitled to their cock-eye views of themselves. But their cock-eye, narcissistic outpourings must be exposed.

Here are the words of AWD filled with racial elitism. Those who support her are dangerous fools that have no place in modern society. She said that a majority of Indian people find it too burdensome to think for themselves so they let the PPP think for them.

In letting the PPP think for them, Indian people feel they are free but they are not. In fact, they are trapped. She refers to Indians as “a bunch of mentally lazy people” and the PPP understand this about Indian people.

She went on to state that opposite to how Indians think, African Guyanese are inquisitive and questioning and have a greater sense of the democratic process. No brace yourself for the most asinine smell to come out of the mouth of a politician.

After AWD spoke, Ramjattan came on and praised the poisonous aridity of AWD as being brilliant and said that it is people liked AWD that should rule the world.

Some of the most fundamental points that no one will argue with except fools like AWD and Ramjattan is that in Guyana, historically and in contemporary times, both major race groups have embraced persuasions from voices calling on them to distance themselves from their racially oriented party.

Walter Rodney was successful in pulling Africans away from the PNC, and in 2006 Raphael Trotman, as leader of the AFC, got African votes. The WPA, the DLM under Paul Tennassee, ROAR under Ravi Dev and the AFC under Moses Nagamootoo have succeeded in appealing to Indians.

Indians voted against the PPP in 2011

A fool like AWD has no knowledge of how Indians voted in 2011 when the PPP lost the election due to heavy swing to the AFC from Berbicians. It was Indian votes in 2015 that carried over the APNU+AFC to victory.

There aren’t sufficient pejorative adjectives to describe the miasmic piffle that AWD sprouted. Why the ERC should prosecute AWD is because I don’t believe she voluntarily made that poisoned brew. The APNU and its asinine attachment, the AFC, have carefully conspired to invent a ceremony of racial hate to influence African Guyanese. This racist narrative is to keep the PNC alive politically.

People like AWD and David Hinds are going to continue to sing these tribalist diatribes because they know African Guyanese support for the PNC is not going to endure into the next election.


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People like AWD, David Hinds, Ramjattan, etc., represent survival instinct at work. They think African people are robotic enough to embrace their insane textbooks on race.

African Guyanese know their party lost the 2020 election and they will get on with their lives. They know the PNC’s future is in serious doubt. The commonsensical thing for President Ali to do is to vigorously pursue an inclusive agenda.

Finally, two things: AWD’s grammar is terrible and secondly, she will rule over Ramjattan’s sand castle, not Guyana.

(First published in Kaieteur News on 27/4/21. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this paper.)