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Indians in Uganda and East Africa: Retrospection and Realities

Indians in Uganda and East Africa: Retrospection and Realities

Indians in Uganda and East Africa: Retrospection and Realities INVITATION TO OUR 166th ICC ZOOM PUBLIC MEETING

East Africa in the 1960s was the setting where issues of political independence, the dismantling of an economic system based on racial segregation, the future of multiculturalism and the rights of racial minorities were all being played out against the backdrop of the "Winds of Change" which were blowing relentlessly across the African continent. The future of some 360,000 Asians hung in abeyance as the political drama unfolded- culminating in the Ugandan Asian Expulsion of 1972 when Idi Amin Dada expelled some 80,000 Asians in 90 days. The LIVE discussion will focus on a pre-recorded video interview entitled “East African Asians in the 1960s – End of Empire, Eve of Expulsion and the Time In-Between.”


Please join us THIS SUNDAY for the 166th weekly ICC ZOOM Public Meeting, Sunday August 6th 2023 at (1.00 p.m. Belize), (3.00 p.m. New York/Eastern time), (3.00 p.m. Trinidad/ Atlantic time), (3.00 p.m. Guyana), (4.00 p.m. Suriname), (8.00 p.m. England), (9.00 p.m. South Africa), (11.00 p.m. Mauritius), (Mon 12.30 a.m., India), (Mon 7.00 a.m. Fiji). 




Indians in Uganda and East Africa: Retrospection and Realities 




DR. MOHAMED KESHAVJEE - International cross-cultural specialist on peace, human rights education and mediation with a focus on Islamic Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  


DR. RIA KAPOOR - Historian of refugees, immigrants and their rights with a focus on the Afro-Asian world and their impact on the international and global orders. Author of Making Refugees in India.


LATA DESAI - Community Arts Producer in England developing high quality dance productions, music projects, festivals, and co-curating exhibitions and commissioning national and international artists.


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