• 14 Aug, 2022

Indo-Caribbean Baldeo Seeks Assembly Democratic Nomination in NY District

Indo-Caribbean Baldeo Seeks Assembly Democratic Nomination in NY District

Indo-Caribbean Baldeo Seeks Assembly Democratic Nomination in NY District

New York Indian Caribbean American community advocate Albert Baldeo, formerly of Guyana, is seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party for New York State Assembly District 24, Queens . The district includes the communities of Richmond Hill, Hollis, Queens Village, Jamaica Estates, and Briarwood, among others, where large numbers of Indians (including from the Caribbean) and South Asians reside.  Baldeo is appealing for voter support in the primary to be held next Tuesday June 28 as he tries to bring a seat and a voice to the diaspora at the table of government.

Baldeo says that the diaspora community has been “abandoned” by those who have held the seat since 1965, and “have ignored and suppressed” the large Indo-Caribbean community of Little Guyana and Little Trinidad (Richmond Hill), Little Punjab (Richmond Hill), Briarwood (Little Bangladesh), and all sections of the district.

“It is long past time to have our own serving us in public office,” is a common sentiment expressed by most constituents, many of whom have been abandoned when they tried to get help from (David) Weprin’s office (the incumbent), especially during the pandemic.

A press statement issued by Baldeo’s campaign office, stated, “Due to Baldeo’s efforts, voters now have a chance to ensure they are represented for the first time, by voting for Baldeo in the primary set for June 28, 2022. Everyone, including our leaders and all communities, want Albert Baldeo in our State Assembly seat! Albert has always fought for us! We need him! He is our hero, champion and fighter. He has given us a choice we never had before. He is a household name.”

The largest American Asian labor organization, (ASAAL), of which Albert Baldeo is the President (Richmond Hill Chapter), said “Albert Baldeo is a veteran fighter. His work has been widely recognized in NY State, nationally, and internationally, substantiated by numerous proclamations from Presidents, including Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, the US Congress (four times), Governors, Mayors, the UN and by many other prestigious and grassroots organizations in our community, for his dedicated community, labor and legal advocacy.”

Baldeo has gotten the endorsements of several elected office bearers, including from New York City Council, as well as labor union officials. 

Several candidates are on the ballot in Tuesday’s Primary for that and other constituencies and statewide offices.  If Baldeo wins Tuesday’s Primary, he will be the Democratic Party’s nominee on the ballot in the November general elections. Weprin is the favorite to win the nomination. Since it is a democratic leaning seat, whoever wins the primary is likely to coast to victory in November.

Dr Vishnu Bisram

Dr. Vishnu Bisram is Guyanese born who received his primary and secondary education in Guyana and tertiary education in the US and India. He is a holder of multiple degrees in the natural sciences, social sciences, and education. He taught for over forty years in the US. He is a specialist on the Indian diaspora traveling globally to research and write about Indian communities.