• 24 Jun, 2024

Indo-Guyanese must pay heed to Green’s teachings that rigging is OK to be “pon tap”

Indo-Guyanese must pay heed to Green’s teachings that rigging is OK to be “pon tap”

Indo-Guyanese must pay heed to Green’s teachings that rigging is OK to be “pon tap”

Addressing participants at recent Burnham Foundation activities, former VP, Prime Minister and Minister holding various portfolios under the dark days of the Burnham dictatorship, Mr. Green, has essentially said that rigging to dislodge the PPP “devils” is OK and that only - descendants of slaves- meaning Black Guyanese - deserve to be “pon tap.”

This philosophy of a former PNC strongman, whose name used to cause people to shiver in fear during the Burnham rigged era, is cause for concern among all Guyanese, and especially Indo-Guyanese. Indos had been strong supporters of the PPP Party which was locked out of power for 28 years. The PNC dominated all the “commanding heights of the economy,” created large military and para-military forces, and dominated all the Government Ministries even today. The PNC rigged elections for 28 years, until the Carter Center brokered free and fair elections including counting of votes at the places of poll, and the PNC lost and was removed in 1992. By then the country was poor and pauperized. The PNC Leader Mr. Norton is on record as saying Mr. Green’s remarks have been taken “out of context.” Mr. Alexander, Chairman of the Burnham Foundation, reportedly said Green’s remarks were made “sarcastically.” Mr. Alexander who is a Commissioner on the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) should have been revulsed by anyone making a comment about continuing the rigging of elections, instead of seemingly providing an excuse for Mr. Green. But Mr. Green’s remarks seem to be more than sarcasm and more than his words being taken out of context. He continued to say that only descendants of slaves (meaning black people) should deh “pon tap.” Such a pernicious philosophy being promoted at a Burnham Foundation event has no place in Guyana in 2024. What would that US Black Caucus group that came to Guyana to investigate discrimination think of such a viewpoint? To suggest that it’s the manifest destiny and OK for one side to keep on rigging to deh “pon tap” seems like a devilish doctrine. No wonder the PNC placed the nation in national trauma for five months as it engaged in various machinations to attempt to rig the 2020 elections in plain sight of international observers but were stopped by the courts.

Mr. Green, who calls himself an “Elder,” was deemed experienced enough to be invited to spread his message at a Burnham Foundation forum. Why would the PNC side not distance themselves from such wicked viewpoints of racial superiority, in light of elections coming up next year? The PNC brought us close to apartheid during its 28 years, and the notion that only blacks deserve to be “pon tap” is so outrageous and smacks against our nation’s motto of “One People, One Nation, One Destiny,” and the Government’s mantra of “One Guyana.” Mr. Green knows that the mixed or multiracial group is the fastest growing demographic category in Guyana, so why is he teaching such a reprehensible philosophy. The newspaper owners – Mr. Glenn Lall of the Kaieteur News and Mr. Anand Persaud of the Stabroek News -which allow much space to Mr. Green to spout his PNC propaganda, do not deserve to be “pon tap” if we are to apply Mr. Green’s philosophy. So, are all non-blacks in top positions interlopers?

The PNC should know Guyana has changed. Racist philosophy will not work anymore. People look at issues and programs. We will not allow the PNC to rig elections again. We also know if the PNC can rig their way in with assistance of staff supporters at GECOM, you will not be able to get them out again. As we have been saying to the Venezuelans, “Guyana is we own.” Every Guyanese, regardless of race, should have an equal chance, equal opportunities, equal access to rise to the top through diligence and hard work. Guyana is all ahwe own. The PPP Government just made Burnham’s son-in-law the Ambassador to Venezuela! Green’s doctrines of rigging and “pon tapism” must be rejected by all. I support repealing the PNC Bill that gave Mr. Green a special pension and perks. He should not be sitting on such a good pension to spew his vile propaganda and write letters in the papers as if he is on a higher moral ground. He is not!  That the PNC side could not come out and unequivocally condemn Green speaks volumes of that party. But Burnham is smiling that he has made loyal disciples who understand the PNC’s modus operandi!



Dr. Jerry Jailall

Civil Society Advocate