• 07 Feb, 2023

Indo-Suriname - the ICC non-profit country tour in August

Indo-Suriname - the ICC non-profit country tour in August

Indo-Suriname - the ICC non-profit country tour in August




We wish to announce the launch of our 2nd annual Indo-Caribbean Cultural Centre (ICC) Indian Diaspora Country Tour, this time, to Suriname (Caribbean/South America) scheduled for August 9th to 14th 2023. The ICC annual tour is a not-for-profit initiative that grew out of the weekly ICC Sunday ZOOM Public Meetings, now in its 137th edition.  


The objective of the ICC Tours is to bring participants of the weekly ZOOM programs together physically, at least once annually. We welcomed over 60 persons in the Indian Diaspora to Trinidad and Tobago for the inaugural tour in August, 2022. The experience was wonderful, with many visitors agreeing that the Indian tradition of extended family get-togethers should continue in other parts of the world where indentureship was part of the country’s history.  


We now extend an invitation to you to join us for the second ICC Tour of Suriname from August 9th to 14th 2023. Please register to enjoy the sights, sounds and flavours of the multi-ethnic South American country of Suriname. Over 34,000 Indian indentured labourers had migrated to the formerly-called Dutch Guiana country between 1873 and 1916. We have planned many cultural experiences which will include a visit to the statue of Bap and Mai – a memorial dedicated to Hindustanis [Asian Indians] of Suriname.  If you are interested in joining the ICC family to tour Suriname from August 9th to 14th 2023, kindly click on the following link to complete the form on your phone or computer, and touch the SUBMIT button:    https://forms.gle/xdmeRFUHvPWoueYQ8  


Please join us THIS SUNDAY for the 137th weekly ICC ZOOM Public Event, January 15th, 2023 at (1.00 p.m. Belize), (2.00 p.m. New York/Eastern time), (3.00 p.m. Trinidad/Atlantic time), (3.00 p.m. Guyana), (4.00 p.m. Suriname), (7.00 p.m. England), (9.00 p.m. South Africa), (Sun 12 midnight, India, ND), (Mon 7.00 a.m. Fiji).  



Indo-Suriname –  the ICC non-profit country tour in August   




PROF. RUBEN GOWRICHARN - Professor of Indian Diaspora Studies at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Completing a book on Indian peasants in the Diaspora. Will speak on the unique history of Indians in Suriname.  


DR. STEVEN DEBIPERSAD - Medical doctor and Economics lecturer at Anton de Kom University of Suriname, specialising in Macroeconomic forecasting. Will speak on business opportunities in Suriname.  


DR. RAJEN BALDEW - Medical doctor, entrepreneur and cultural activist ( sewak ). Promoter of Sarnami Hindi in Suriname. Will speak on ground transportation, hotel, food, events, sites to visit and cost of the tour.  


BHAGWAN GANGARAM PANDAY - Cultural activist and Managing Director of Ara Travel, Suriname,  md@aratravel.sr Will speak on flights, airlines, fares, visa and vaccinations requirements for the tour.  


Followed by Q+A

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