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Kamaluddin Mohammed: From Indo-Trinidadian to Caribbean Man

Kamaluddin Mohammed: From Indo-Trinidadian to Caribbean Man

Kamaluddin Mohammed: From Indo-Trinidadian to Caribbean Man INVITATION TO OUR 150th ICC ZOOM PUBLIC MEETING

Born on April 19, 1927 in El Socorro, Kamaluddin Mohammed was a prominent Trinidad and Tobago politician, religious leader and cultural activist who made significant contributions to his multi-ethnic country's development. In 1947, before he entered politics, Mohammed was popular as a broadcaster with the launch of the first Indo-Trinidadian cultural programme entitled, “Indian Talent on Parade” on Radio Trinidad. He was also the driving force behind the formation of Indo-Trinidadian orchestras, traveling cross-country to introduce them at major events, rehearsing with them and hiring taxis to transport them to Maraval Road where they performed live in the studios of Radio Trinidad.

In those days, entire families would cluster around the community radio to hear Kamal’s captivating voice and the mix of music he offered weekly. The first band to perform on Kamal’s “Indian Talent On Parade” was the Naya Zamana Orchestra led by Ostad Nazeer Mohammed. The show also featured Jhagroo Kawal, Taran Persad and Jang Bahadoor as well as Jit Seesahai and his Melody Makers, the SM Aziz Orchestra, and Yankaran and his sons. Kamal embraced anyone who identified with and participated in Indo-Trinidadian culture, most notably black artistes such as Owen Ali, Sonny Matthews, Roy Cooper and Cecil Fonrose.

Mohammed entered politics at a young age, and was one of the founding members of the People's National Movement (PNM) in 1956. A few years after independence, he was chosen by Prime Minister Dr Eric Williams to foster regional integration which led to his involvement in the formation of Carifta, the Caribbean Development Bank, the reorganisation of BWIA (now Caribbean Airlines), and the consolidation of the University of the West Indies. He served as a minister in the governments of Dr. Eric Williams and George Chambers from 1956 to 1986, and was widely regarded as the heir-apparent to the Prime Minister's position following Williams’ death in 1981. However, despite his experience, competence and popularity, Mohammed was denied the position of Prime Minister by the ruling PNM party due to his ethnicity.  After the PNM lost in 1986, he withdrew from public life until he was recalled to service by Prime Minister Basdeo Panday during his 1995-2001 administration to take up the position of Ambassador to Caricom (Caribbean Community).

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Kamaluddin Mohammed: From Indo-Trinidadian to Caribbean Man


BASDEO PANDAY - former lawyer, politician, trade unionist, economist, stage and film actor, and former civil servant who served as the first Indo-Trinidadian Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) from 1995 to 2001.

FERDIE FERREIRA - 91-year-old former dock worker, political commentator, columnist and founding member of the ruling PNM party. Close friend and adviser to the first prime minister of T&T, Dr Eric Williams.

ALIMUDDIN MOHAMMED -  Son of Kamaluddin Mohammed. Chairman and Managing Director of ALM Insurance Agency. Businessman and religious, cultural and community worker.

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