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Natural, Complementary & Alternative Healing/ Therapy/ Medicine in the Indian Diaspora

Natural, Complementary & Alternative Healing/ Therapy/ Medicine  in the Indian Diaspora

Natural, Complementary & Alternative Healing/ Therapy/ Medicine in the Indian Diaspora

Natural, complementary, alternative and orthodox  medical practices, may coexist, compete and intermingle within a single community, nation or region. Indeed, many of these types of health beliefs and practices may be supported, reinforced or rejected by biomedical explanations. The combined use of these types of expertise provides an optimal broad-spectrum response to health problems. “Medical pluralism offers a variety of treatment options that health seekers may choose to utilize exclusively, successively, or simultaneously” (Stoner 1986:46). 



People may try a variety of practitioners and treatments, from the same or different systems, until a cure result. In many societies, the continuing process of negotiation takes place as patients seek therapies and etiologies consistent with their perceptions of illnesses. Patients may take a prescription from a government physician, and they may supplement this with information gathered in consultation with traditional healers . The systems differ in availability, quality of care, levels of technology and social adaptability; yet, ideally, they are intended to serve the same patients in need. Source: Kumar Mahabir’s book Traditional Medicine and Women Healers in Trinidad: Postnatal Health Care  (2012).





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Natural, Complementary & Alternative Healing/ Therapy/ Medicine  


in the Indian Diaspora 






DR. ARVIND PATHAK (Kenya) - Licensed naturopathic and alternative medicine doctor who diagnoses, treats and manages patients with acute and chronic conditions, concentrating on whole-patient wellness. 




MONA KIKANI (Kenya) - Operates an Ayurvedic Awareness Centre in Nakuru. Treats patients with cancer, arthritis, gas acidity and hormonal imbalances as well as skin, weight and hair problems. 



DR. RAJEN COOPPAN (South Africa) - (MBChB, MD). Operates an Integrative Medicine clinic in Durban, combining Allopathic, Ayurvedic, nutritional and herbal medicine, and detoxification.  



DR. LUCIA JOHN (Suriname) - Graduate of Maharishi European Research University in Holland. Certified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation, Yoga and Pranayama for the past 41 years. 



IAN THIJM (USA/Suriname) - Lecturer of Transcendental Meditation (TM), Maharishi Ayurveda, and on the natural laws and practical tips to improve health, healing and happiness. 



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