• 24 Jun, 2024

Only 2 percent Indians were paid in land during indentureship

Only 2 percent Indians were paid in land during indentureship

Only 2 percent Indians were paid in land during indentureship

I'll be damned if anyone tells me I'm misinformed about education or smugly remarks that I should become a teacher to "see what it's like" or that I should remain quiet if I'm not a teacher   

At the age of 27, I've published two books - two more than most teachers can claim to have written.   

One of my books, From Indentureship to Entrepreneurship , challenges the received wisdom that the success of Indians is due to the privilege of "land grants" Where else can students find this perspective if not for my book? Children in secondary schools are being taught falsehoods about indentureship that certainly aren't going to be corrected when they reach university where even more falsehoods are taught.   

One of the Social Studies textbooks on booklists across the nation, written by Anthony Luengo ( Social Sciences: My Self, My World Student's Book 1 ) boldly makes the false claim that "most" of the indentured Indians were given land. What do the facts actually say? Of the 144,000 indentured Indians, approximately 2,400 received land in lieu of passage. Is this (1.66%) what the author quantifies as most?     

I've already made my contribution to education and I'm not an educator by profession. I'm just an ordinary person in society. The scope and scale of my book has never been done by anyone else.   

So it's hard for me to sympathize with the plight of teachers when they are only doing what they are getting paid to do.    

It is their job to teach. It is their job to educate. Am I supposed to feel sorry for them because they're up at night correcting papers? Try working an 8-4, then coming home to burn the midnight oil working on a book, essay or article with the crippling doubt that these efforts will not bear fruit. I don't get paid to write; I write and hope to get paid. So I think I've more than earned the $0.02 I'm throwing in on the discussion.   

Jean-Claude Escalante

JC has an obsession with all things 20th Century Communism. He also enjoys reading the works of Thomas Sowell. Video games & pro wrestling keep him sane.