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Part 5 - LIVE Conversations with Indian Elders. Invitation to join us on ZOOM

Part 5 - LIVE Conversations with Indian Elders. Invitation to join us on ZOOM

Part 5 - LIVE Conversations with Indian Elders. Invitation to join us on ZOOM

We have been inviting older folks - supported by their children and grandchildren - to share their personal stories about their life experiences in the 1940s, about 20 years after Indian indentureship officially ended in 1920. Historically, the actual voices of living elders are often unrecognised, underrepresented, unheard and undocumented in many research collections in the Caribbean and the wider Indian Diaspora. 



“According to scholars Renée Hulan and Renate Eigenbrod, oral traditions are ‘the means by which knowledge is reproduced, preserved and conveyed from generation to generation. Oral traditions form the foundation of Aboriginal societies, connecting speaker and listener in communal experience and uniting past and present in memory.’ Western discourse has come to prioritize the written word as the dominant form of record keeping and until recently, Westerners have generally considered oral societies to be peoples without history. This could not be further from the truth. Oral societies record and document their histories in complex and sophisticated ways, including performative practices such as dancing and drumming. Although most oral societies, Aboriginal or otherwise, have now adopted the written word as a tool for documentation, expression and communication, many still depend on oral traditions and greatly value the oral transmission of knowledge as an intrinsic aspect of their cultures and societies.” https://indigenousfoundations.arts.ubc.ca/oral_traditions



Please join us THIS SUNDAY for the 136th weekly ICC (+AGI) ZOOM Public Event, January 8th, 2023 at (1.00 p.m. Belize), (2.00 p.m. New York/Eastern time), (3.00 p.m. Trinidad/Atlantic time), (3.00 p.m. Guyana), (4.00 p.m. Suriname), (7.00 p.m. England), (9.00 p.m. South Africa), (Sun 12 midnight, India, ND), (Mon 7.00 a.m. Fiji).  







Part 5 - LIVE Conversations with Indian Elders in the Diaspora about long time days






KULSOOM DOROTHY MOHAMMED, 100 years old. Born in 1922, two years after indentureship officially ended in 1920. Had 10 siblings. Married at the age of 22. Best dressmaker in her Trinidad village.



DR. ELISHA TIKASINGH, 95 years old. Studied at the tertiary level in the USA in 1950. Received his Ph.D. in zoology in 1960. Worked as a microbiologist, virologist and epidemiologist for UWI and PAHO/WHO. 



ZARINA YUSUF MOHAMMED, 92 years old. Attended St. Joseph’s Convent. Worked as a librarian.  Founding member of the San Fernando Muslim Women’s Association in which she held the Presidency for 23 years.



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