• 24 Jun, 2024

The 185th Anniversary of the Arrival of Indians in Guyana

The 185th Anniversary of the Arrival of Indians in Guyana

The 185th Anniversary of the Arrival of Indians in Guyana

The Vedic Cultural Centre of Canada will be hosting a special program to observe the 185th Anniversary of the Arrival of Indians in Guyana to be held at our centre at 4345-14th Avenue, Markham, ON, L3R 0J2. The program will feature an exhibition of artifacts/memorabilia and an ethnic food bar commencing at 3:30 pm, a dance drama by Panwar Music and Dance Academy commencing at 6:30 pm, reflecting the positive outcomes of Indian Immigration to the West Indies, and the launch of a souvenir magazine. The magazine will be approximately 100 gloss pages featuring articles by prominent writers from the Diaspora. The keynote speaker will be Cliff Rajkumar. Admission to the event is free.

We are kindly requesting your support for this project by advertising your business in the magazine. Please pass on to any of your contacts who may also be interested in advertising.

Advertising rates are: Full page - $500; Half page - $275; Quarter page $150 and business cards $100. Deadline for receipt of PDF with advertisement is March 25, 2023. An invoice will be issued for payment and payment can be made electronically at donations2tas@outlook.com or by mailing cheque to Toronto Arya Samaj, 4345-14th Avenue, Markham, ON, L3R 0J2.

Our theme will focus on being positive, inspirational, and forward looking. This should come through in the keynote, the stage show, the poems and the magazine. We do not want to dwell on the negative and traumatic aspects of indentureship. We are all here in the Western World as a result of our fore-parents taking the plunge to move to the Western World at that time. The program will be a 3-tier program with an exhibition of artifacts and posters etc; a stage show depicting the positive aspects of indentureship and a souvenir magazine featuring appropriate articles capturing the history and positive outcomes of immigration.

I would like you to write an article about two letter-size pages on a topic of your choice to reflect on positive outcomes of the immigration of Indians to Guyana. Please also recommend some other writers to do articles. Deadline for articles is mid-March, 2023. We did a similar program   in 2013 for 175th anniversary and souvenir magazine also. Looking forward to your article and let’s keep in touch.

Please confirm your interest by sending email to adkum35@hotmail.com or

by WhatsApping me +1 647 8661926.

Adit Kumar