• 24 Jun, 2024

The recent riots in Suriname: Ethnic, economic or political?

The recent riots in Suriname: Ethnic, economic or political?

The recent riots in Suriname: Ethnic, economic or political?

A peaceful protest against the government in Suriname turned violent on Friday 17th February 2023, with protesters storming the parliament building and looting gas stations and stores in the city. The protest was sparked by anger at President Chan Santokhi's policies and the economic crisis in Suriname, with inflation above 54% and a high national debt. The violence left at least 26 people injured, and 119 people were arrested. The government called in the army and police to combat the unrest and imposed a curfew in the city. The protest was condemned by Surinamese political parties, and the US embassy in Paramaribo called the attack on the parliament building an "unacceptable attack on democracy."

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The recent riots in Suriname: Ethnic, economic or political?


RICHARD KALLOE - Consultant under the name of Agrotec N.V. and Kalloe. Lecturer in Food Processing, Chemistry and Physics, and author of several books on industrial engineering and political economy.

DR. KIRTIE ALGOE - Researcher in the Institute for Graduate Studies and Research at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname; currently combining sports (martial art specifically) with academics.

DR. ASHWIN RAMCHARAN - Ph.D. graduate from the University of Humanism in Utrecht. CEO of a real estate company in the Netherlands. Biographer of the President of Suriname, Chan Santokhi.

DR. CHIVARO GAJADIEN - Expert in change management, entrepreneurship, leadership, process improvement, and product development. Author of two books on leadership and business development.

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