• 24 Feb, 2024

Threat to physically attack Indians in South Africa

Threat to physically attack Indians in South Africa

Threat to physically attack Indians in South Africa

At a press on Wednesday (15/3/2023), South African black activist Julius Malema made veiled threats against the community of Phoenix, and referred to the Indian community, obviously as a tactic of fear and intimidation. His actions are abominable, despicable and downright pathetic.

His planned day of protest, calling it a shutdown, should and must be limited to his cronies and cannot be allowed to disrupt the normal life of other citizens who do not subscribe the whims and fancies of his political agendas.

By stating that "we are ready for Phoenix", Malema is inciting unwarranted possibilities of violence and intimidation and the community must never succumb to this. Ready for what?

This is the calibre of leadership we are witnessing from a man who cares less about the country but his own political ends. If he has the right to protest, so do other citizens have the right not to protest if they do not wish to - it is a constitutional prerogative. But no single citizen must be denied their right by any political party to determine how our rights are to be exercised, and who determines to impose sanctions on those rights.

It is strange and curious that our commander-in-chief, President Cyril Ramaphosa, who has command of our security systems, has not gone on television and on other media to allay any fears that many law-abiding citizens are feeling as social media is abound with all kinds of stories about the 20 March. Any proper president, who has taken a very serious oath of office to protect the citizens of his country would that.

The community of Phoenix and the Indian community must not be made into a scapegoat or a trophy for Malema's nefarious inadequacies and limitations - that will not happen. The protest, which is calling for Ramaphosa to step down and for electricity to be restored to the people - does Malema really believe that a one-day shutdown will get the president to resign or that, by some miracle, someone at Eskom will press a switch and Bingo, everyone will have electricity?

Every single citizen has rights - even the citizens in Phoenix, and these rights cannot be trampled upon by a dithering political leader, simply to achieve political ends. The inanity is baffling. 

-Narendh Ganesh

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