• 24 Jun, 2024

Trying to analyze Indian psychology: Guyana Opposition MP Amanza Walton-Desir chose the wrong path!

Trying to analyze Indian psychology: Guyana Opposition MP Amanza Walton-Desir chose the wrong path!

Trying to analyze Indian psychology: Guyana Opposition MP Amanza Walton-Desir chose the wrong path!

After days of ongoing controversy, the Guyana Oppostion PNCR (People’s National Congress Reform Party) has worked out a strategy to respond to their embattled MP (Member of Parliament), Ms. Amanza Walton-Desir (AWD), who brazenly stated that Indians are “mentally lazy,” and that they allow the PPPC (People’s Progressive Party) to think for them.

AWD, therefore, views Indians as robots. After sustained attacks for this racist remark, she (AWD) has produced a damage control video (DCV) which further complicates, rather than resolves the issue.

What AWD is saying in the video (DCV) is classic revisionism. She contends that the PPPC and Indians did not understand her comments on the race issue. Well, isn’t this consistent with her stated position that Indians are “mentally lazy?”


Photo : Amanza Walton-Desir   

Even in her DCV response, she continues to insult our (Indians) intelligence by indicating that Indians are not smart enough to understand what she said and meant.

AWD has accused the PPPC and Indians of having put others in “bondage” and of raping the country’s treasury. Really! This is where (“projection”) the PNCR and their operatives excel.

That is, they blame others for their mistakes and misfortunes. The world knows, for example, that they were the ones to defy constitutional rule and tenaciously held onto power for over 19 months after the successful passage of the No-Confidence-Motion in December 2018, inclusive of the 5 months after the March 2, 2020 polls, when they failed in a transparent attempt to stage an electoral coup d'état.   

In a desperate attempt to cover her racist rants with semantics and metaphors, she quickly assumes the role of a high priest and began to pontificate on the need for democracy, good governance, and race tolerance.

Where was she when (2015-2016) the PNCR government closed sugar estates and fired 6,000 Indian sugar workers? Where was she during the 19 months (12/1918-3/2020) of unconstitutional rule by her party? Why did she and her party vigorously argue that 33 was not the majority of a 65 seat Parliament?

In her damage control video response (DCV), AWD has complicated rather than clarify the burning issue of labeling Indians as “mentally lazy,” and for asserting that Africans are more “inquiring.”

Guyana Opposition’s racial code language

Some researchers into eugenics had sought to link race inferiority to “feeble mindedness.” If one is feeble minded, then he is considered racially inferior. I believe that mental laziness is a code word for feeble mindedness. The PNCR and their operatives are noted for creating code words to cover glaring abuses.

Reading a prepared speech (DCV), which suggests the inputs of her colleagues, in an effort to exonerate herself from the racist-linked firestorm that she has evoked, AWD has failed to show any remorse for her vulgar comments, but instead choose to rationalize them, with faulty logic and often condescending rhetoric.

To seek reinforcement for her (AWD) stated position on racism from Khemraj Ramjattan (leader of the dying AFC party) who extolls her “race bait” speech, is not only an act of desperation but one of poor judgment.

The Indian community has completely alienated itself from Ramjattan, who betrayed it and who rightfully view him as the driving force behind the closure of sugar estates that threw over 6,000 Indian sugar workers out of work.

Ramjattan cannot, therefore, speak for the Indian community on any matter. He has never stood up for Indians in the last decade. This was the same man who also justified and defended Ms. Volda Lawrence when she said that she would give jobs only to people of her PNCR party.

To say that Indians are “mentally lazy,” and that Africans are more “inquiring” and democratically inclined, is really a question that revolves around notions of superiority and inferiority. How else could any reasonable person view this?

MP Amanza Walton-Desir should apologise

In AWD’s damage control video (DCV), she sought and got the support of her PNCR supporters, who lauded her for reading what they term as a fine speech. I never heard them praising PNCR’s Joe Harmon, or PNCR’s David Granger or PNCR’s Volda Lawrence for presenting a fine speech!

The damage control video is also a crass attempt to make Indians the perpetrator of racism, while Africans are viewed as the victims, although Indians are perceived by her (AWD) as inferior.

AWD tried to rationalize her comments and tempered these with flowery rhetoric; but in so doing she, once again, got trapped in her racist maneuvers. She blasted the PPPC for promoting racism when everyone, including herself, knows that the only issue the PNCR has to run on, is racism.

AWD’s Herculean effort to blame the victims, though unproductive, is not surprising. AWD and her PNCR supporters have exalted her status and even identify her as a Presidential candidate. If a PNCR operative can make racist remarks and adopt racism as a political strategy, and then accuses the other side of practicing racism, it seems according to PNCR supporters that this is enough to make a PNCR member qualify for leadership!

One thing is clear: AWD and her advisors have succeeded in convincing their supporters that her insensitive comments were not pernicious, but innocuous; were taken out of context and were totally misrepresented by the PPPC and Indians. The implication is that the PPPC and Indians do not have the mental agility to understand her (AWD) “smart” remarks.

Finally, AWD is not a psychologist or a sociologist and is, therefore, not qualified professionally to pronounce on people’s behavior and personality. She is a lawyer and should stick to that profession. Judging an ethnic group based on speculation, emotions, and hearsay is dangerous. Using legalisms will not absolve her from guilt. It would be wise if AWD and others stay away from making racially-insensitive remarks and work, not talk, towards national healing.

Let me be pellucid: all Guyanese should promote race tolerance and harmony. Racism (whether subtle or overt) must be condemned by every decent Guyanese. Rather than trying to make a fancy speech, exhibit combativeness, and engage in rationalizations, Amanza Walton-Desir should make an unqualified apology. Guyanese society deserves no less.