• 24 Jun, 2024

UNC Will Win In 2025

UNC Will Win In 2025

UNC Will Win In 2025

Despite the 7-7 tie between the PNM and the UNC, pro-pnm activists have a win for the PNM. Harry Partarp in Tableland wrote: “the real winner of the 2023 local government elections has to be the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) and its political leadership of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley.

Nigel Seenathsingh in San Fernando wrote: “I view this result as a win for the PNM.” Dr. Devant Maharaj, PHD, MBA, said: “the UNC grazing at straws will no doubt project the results as some sort of perverted victory.” Ms. Ramona Ramdial said that “the 7-7 tie from the LGE 2023 is an indication that the PNM will win the next General Election…”

The facts are clear. The PNM contested all 141 electoral districts. The UNC contested 110 districts. The UNC received 173,961 votes compared to the PNM’s 130,868; 43,093 votes more than the PNM. The alliance with the NTA, with 15,993, has 189,954 votes in total. The UNC won the popular vote. The PNM is a minority party in the country.

Dr. Hamid Ghany, in respond to the results, wrote “the PNM going into 2025 with Dr. Rowley again as the leader will have some challenge for of the PNM supporters....Dr. Rowley may want to consider a new leader…and put pressure on the UNC.”

In a column, Gale Alexander wrote that “while both parties repeated their 2019 LG tie, it brought more changes than 2019, and implications for each.” In the seven corporations, the PNM has losses and the UNC has inroads. “The general elections implications for MP’s respectively in San Fernando West, Arima, Toco and D’Abadie O’Meara.”

In the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation (SGRC), the UNC captured six of the eight electoral districts. Terry Randon, a former PNM councilor, said that “the victory for the UNC…was no doubt an indictment on the PNM…This morning it hit like a tonne of bricks. It’s sad. I was hurting, weeping…” Mr. Joseph Tony said that “the PNM is dying in SGRC and in the country.” 

The indication is clear: The UNC, under Kamla’s leadership will win the 2025 General Elections in Trinidad and Tobago.


Kamal Persad,