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USA’s Lynch the greatest Diplomat Guyana ever had

USA’s Lynch the greatest Diplomat Guyana ever had

USA’s Lynch the greatest Diplomat Guyana ever had

Her Excellency USA Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch hosted an early Thanksgiving dinner for Guyanese seniors at her private residence. I believe it is the first by an American Ambassador. It is a wonderful gesture helping to build better relations between America and Guyana and boosting the Public Relations of the embassy, Ms Lynch, and the people of America. Some three quarter million Americans are Guyanese.

Guyana is grateful for the actions of the Ambassador over the last three years. When she departs next year, the nation will miss her enormously. She is a leading heroine in Guyana and among the diaspora and an outstanding diplomat. Her voice carries a lot of weight in Guyana and in Washington.
I traveled worldwide in a private capacity to conduct research and am an avid reader of international news in countless countries. In my experience as a reader and traveler and as a specialist (PhD) in international relations and foreign policy, rarely does a country receive an envoy who courageously speaks out against corruption and mal-administration like Her Excellency Sarah-Ann Lynch. She has been consistent in her advocacy on good governance and anti-corruption ever since she arrived on our shores over three years ago. In addition, she has proved to be highly effective in helping shape the policies Washington has pursued toward Guyana as well as in winning the personal and professional regard of the Guyanese people and the government of the day. As someone who studied US foreign policy, Ms. Lynch comes across as a very skilled diplomat and one of America’s foremost strategic thinkers as an envoy in the region. She is held in high regards countrywide as well as regional-wide, obtaining praises from Guyanese as well as regional leaders for the stance taken to salvage the March 2, 2020 vote.
Ms. Lynch has played a distinguished role in our country in saving democracy. In fact, she is known as the savior of democracy in Guyana post December 21, 2018 no-confidence motion, and in particular combating the attempted electoral fraud of the March 2, 2020 elections. Some proposed that a statue of Ms. Lynch be constructed and put on display near Gecom headquarters. Because of her position on democracy, the PPP is in office. Had she not come out so strongly against fraud, egged on by those of us who were also combating the fraud, the election would have been rigged. An unpopular, illegitimate government would have been installed. Off course those who lost power and perks as a result of a free and fair election would not be favorable towards the very popular envoy.


Ambassador Lynch is viewed not only the best American Ambassador ever in Guyana but perhaps the best of all envoys. She is the kind of person that every developing country should have as their emissary, no, as their leader (President, Prime Minister). Guyanese love her dearly.
Following the debacle of earlier elections and violations of basic rights, upon her arrival, Lynch aggressively promoted democracy and clashed frequently with those who were on course towards authoritarianism and or corrupt practices. She spoke out. She is commended for speaking out against bad governance and attempt at electoral fraud and violations of the constitution.
Ms. Lynch is a very-strong willed person who did not and does not cower or show any weakness to cow to threats and character assassination. She stood her grounds on principle on the issue of right over wrong, for democracy against authoritarianism, for the right to count every ballot against disenfranchising legitimate votes. Clearly, her position was the count must reflect the will of voters. Whenever called upon to combat electoral fraud, she was there. She was present at many press conferences relating to the election. I recall seeing her at every press conference after March 2, 2020. I was there at almost all of them from the evening of March and daily. I saw her at the election counting center at the Ashmin building from the evening of March 2 and almost daily after. She made her presence known whenever an attempt to was made to engage in electoral fraud. And her presence helped to deter fraud.
At times, Ms. Lynch came across as ignoring diplomatic protocol with her strong statements against electoral fraud, corruption, and mal-governance and calling for inclusivity as well as by huddling with opposition or government or civic leaders. She did not support government or opposition. She is supportive of civic empowerment. She supported what is right, what is best for democracy, and the rights of the people. She confronted tyranny like no diplomat ever did in Guyana. Not surprisingly, in an opinion poll I conducted after the 2020 elections, almost every Guyanese interviewed praised her actions, speeches, remarks, and leadership in Guyana especially as related to elections and governance. Those old enough to know about diplomats going back to the 1960s, rated her as the best diplomat ever. Contemporary respondents also describe her as “the best”. The public now supports her stance against corruption.
In an informal poll in the diaspora, almost every Guyanese also endorsed her actions in Guyana. She had been the most likeable and popular public figure in Guyana and in the diaspora. She is a heroine in Guyana and in the diaspora. The Ambassador has been very w arm, friendly, polite, competent, professional in her engagements. She also displayed another positive quality -- an intent and avid listener.
I met several US Ambassadors and Charges to Guyana. Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch has been a superb, extraordinary, skillful, good-natured, friendly chief of mission unlike her predecessors. Guyanese also gave her top ratings on likeability and presence better than her predecessors. She has a presence almost everywhere, visiting every corner of the country and interacting with folks of all status. If she were to run for office in Guyana, she would win a landslide.
It has been a blessing, an extraordinary honor to have Sarah-Ann Lynch as the Chief diplomat in Guyana. She has received accolades from across the nation, both sides of the aisle, in speaking out generally against wrongs from the first day that she arrived till now without casting aspersions or mentioning names. She is the kind of Ambassador that the US should assign to every country especially those known for a history of bad governance to right them.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Vishnu Bisram

Dr Vishnu Bisram

Dr Vishnu Bisram is Guyanese born who received his primary and secondary education in Guyana and tertiary education in the US and India. He is a fourth generation Indian. His great grandparents from both his mother and father’s sides were born in India -- Gurbatore from Ghaizpur, Amru from Azamgarh, Sau from Chapra, Mangri from Mau, Bhuri and Bhura Singh from Bharatpur, among others. They all came at different times to then British Guiana (1880s and 1890s) to work on sugar plantations as indentured laborers. After serving ten years, they were freed laborers. They remained on the colony rather than returned to India, married and had children. They used the savings from indentureship to purchase landholdings to cement their ties to their adopted land. They were not given free land. Vishnu Bisram is ninth of twelve children of Gladys and Baldat, rural farmers, she also was a seamstress and he a taylor and they attended to a kitchen garden as well. Vishnu attended the St Joseph Anglican (called English) primary school from 1966 to 1972. In 1972, he passed the annual nationwide Common Entrance exam winning a scholarship place to attend the government Berbice High School in New Amsterdam, some 17 miles from his home village of Ankerville, Port Mourant. He declined the placement scholarship and opted instead for the private Chandisingh High School to which his family pad to pay a tuition. He entered for eight subjects at the Cambridge University Exam in 1977. Vishnu migrated to the USA in 1977 to further his studies. He enrolled at the City College of City University of New York September that year at age 17, studying Bio-Chemistry and also completing a major in Political Science. After his BSc in Bio-Chem, he pursued graduate studies in International Relations earning a MA. He went on to complete multiple post graduate degrees including doctorates in Economics, Sociology, History, Political Science and Educational Administration. Dr Bisram taught for over forty years in various subjects in the US. He also served as a newspaper reporter and columnist for over four decades and is a well-known pollster in the Caribbean region. He is a specialist on the Indian diaspora traveling extensively around the globe to research and write about Indian communities. He published countless articles on various subjects in the mass media, journals, and books. He also organized international conferences on the Indian diaspora and presented papers at many conferences. He was a guest lecturer at universities in Mauritius, India, Fiji, South Africa, Guyana, Trinidad, Suriname, USA, and other countries. He is a well regarded political analyst on American and Caribbean politics. He makes him home in Guyana, Trinidad, and America and travels frequently to India.